‘Game of Thrones’ has ended. Now What?

Tonight aired the series finale of Game of Thrones, completing the epic saga so many of us have watched for the past decade. This show captured the hearts of millions of fans across the world. The expansive characters and relatable characters have sparked an interest in fantasy fiction in people previously unaccustomed to the genre.

The ending of Game of Thrones is bittersweet; it brings us a void. GoT fueled our need for escapist fantasy, and we now lack that fuel. Many fans, especially those who’s first introduction to fantasy is GoT, will be looking for something that can fill that void. On this post I have brought together a few works that can help us refuel.

If you’re missing your favorite characters and want to re-experience the story, then there is nothing better that reading the George R. R. Martin’s original book series, if you haven’t read them already. They’re long, yes. But not any longer that the ten years we all spent watching the show. Better yet, if you’ve already read them before, why not re-read them?

If you’re in want of political intrigue, I recommend Janny Wurts’s and Raymond E. Feist’s Empire Trilogy. This trilogy’s central plot revolves around the political maneuvering in the courts of Kelewan. Its characters are three-dimensional, and the writing is exquisite. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants more mythical politics in their life.

On the other hand, maybe you want a long, epic fantasy series focused more on battles and the military rather than political intrigue. For that, there is nothing better than the Malazan Book of the Fallen, a 10-book long epic fantasy series by Steven Erikson. I wrote an introductory post about the series here.

Maybe you’re more of television junkie? No problem. There are several upcoming shows that will scratch that GoT itch.

What I am personally most excited for is the new Wheel of Time TV series. Wheel of Time is an epic fantasy book series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, and was picked up by Amazon. Amazon Studios will be producing this show, with Rafe Judkins as executive producer. I am extremely optimistic that this show, once premiered, will supplant GoT as the next great fantasy TV show.

Amazon Studies has also scooped up the rights to another franchise. They’re working on a Lord of the Rings television series! The information about this is more guarded than the Wheel of Time series right now, so keep your eyes on the lookout for news.

Netflix has also jumped into the game with their adaptation of The Witcher, by Andrzej Sapkowski (Yes, same origin as the video game!). Airing in late 2019, The Witcher television series will star Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia.

And lastly, if you have to listen to Ramin Djawadi’s soundtrack of all 8 seasons of GoT, then you are missing out. His work is indescribable, and he captures the mood of every scene for the past ten years. Season 6’s soundtrack holds a special place in my heart as a personal favorite.

Good luck on all your post-GoT ventures!

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